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1Does "My Way" have a restroom onboard?
Yes. Our Yacht is well-equipped with a full private bathroom as well as a full-service galley (kitchen) and quarters.
2Should I tip?
Yes, if we have earned it! Our staff are waiting on your every need and want while you are on the boat. They are there to tend to your every want and need. Like most servers, our staff depends on tips for their income.
3What happens if we face bad weather?
Captain Harris has over 30,000 hours documented and knows the ins and outs of unpredictable FL weather.
4What is your cancelation policy?
If you decide to cancel your trip within 14 days of booking, your deposit is then nonrefundable. If you cancel your trip within 24 of your booked charter, the full amount of your charter is still due.
5Do I have to pay a deposit?
Deposits are encouraged but not required. Details of payment can be discussed with the Captain at the time of booking.
6What if I want to cut my charter short?
If for any reason you decide to stop your charter before the booked times, you can, but your rate will remain the same. There are no discounts for bookings that are cut short by the customer.
7Can I give a gift of a charter to someone else?
Yes. Purchasing a booking for a friend or family member makes a great gift! Keep in mind that some dates may have already been booked, so be sure to check your calendar and the My Way calendar carefully.
8Can we divert from the normal cruise areas?
Yes. All charters are totally custom occasions. The more specific you can be on what you want, the better!
9Can I book the boat, outside of a “regular tour”?
Yes, there is a minimum of two hours ($175 an hour), but you can book us for as long as you would like!
10Can we have you take us out of town?
Yes – We have taken people up to Fernandina and as far south as the Bahamas. South Florida trips are common too. (special rates apply for out of town trips)
11What about having food on the boat?
Yes, most of our guests eat on the boat. Lots of options here. You can bring your own food. You can arrange to have things cooked on board as well. We have a full galley as well as an LP gas grill for grilling! Catering is also available. Again, the more specific you can be the better the outcome.
12What about sunblock?
Yes and no. Sun block is a smart idea, particularly if you have fair skin or react quickly to the sun. PLEASE NO SPRAY SUN BLOCK. The products that spray add residue in and on the boat, causing walkways to be slippery as well as causing other problems on the boat. Lotions are fine, just nothing in a spray can please.
13What should we wear – or not wear?
The only thing we ask is for you not to wear hard soled shoes. If you wear them on the way to the boat, please be prepared to remove them. Most people are bare-footing on board.
14Is there anything we need to bring?
If you plan to get wet or go swimming, please bring your own towels and possibly a change of clothes.
15Is there anything that we should NOT bring on the boat?
Yes, no glass please! Glass on a boat can become a hazard too quickly. No glass on board.
16Can we go out at night?
Yes. Our boat can run day or night, sunshine or moonlight.