Ashes At Sea Memorial Service

'For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), It's always our self we find in the sea.'
-ee cummings

TH Charters would be honored to be a part of your loved one’s final wishes. TH Charters is owned and operated by Captain Todd Harris, a licensed captain since 2008. Captain Harris has had the opportunity to release the remains of loved ones for 11 years.

TH Charters offers the following packages, to best honor your loved one’s wishes starting at $300. TH Charters offers flexible year-round dates. Below you’ll find packages and additional service options.

If you're considering honoring your loved one’s final wishes with a Sea Funeral or Ashes at Sea Memorial, My Way welcomes you on-board.

Scattering ashes can be an honoring tribute and final farewell to a loved one.

Many wonder how this can be accomplished. It is far easier than you'd expect.

TH Charters has had the honor of serving families with this ceremony for many years and would be honored to assist you at this trying time.

Captain Todd Harris, TH Charters, has put a list of FAQs and price options together to help you with your planning. See Below.

How The Process Works

1. Have your funeral director or crematorium connect with St. Johns Family Funeral Home and Crematory, (904) 824-1625 for proper delivery of your loved ones remains.

2. Choose the package that best fits your loved one's final wishes.

3. Place the order online. Once we get your order, we will let you know the date and time of your loved one's service. Keep in mind that weather has a direct relationship to when this can be scheduled. Rest assured that TH Charters will communicate with you every step of the way, ensuring that your loved one is properly and lovingly memorialized.

Basic Service

Our basic service.

Basic Plus Riders

Our basic service, plus additional riders.

Basic Plus Video

Our basic service, plus a complete videotaping of the service.

Whole Body Memorial

A whole body service at sea.


1What is included in the Scattering Ashes at Sea Ceremony?
When we connect and go over the details of what you would like, we can accommodate most requests, like special readings, special music, etc. The Captain will go out a minimum of 3 nautical miles and perform a meaningful and honoring scattering ceremony. Video of this service can be arranged so that you can share the moment with friends and family, around the world. We have found that this is a great way for many others to have a part of witnessing the ceremony while saving travel expense. See Videography and Photography.

We have found that when it comes to scattering ashes at sea, there are no particular preset ideas for the ceremony. TH Charters seeks to grant wishes of the deceased or their family members.
2Do we need to ride along in the boat?
No, you are welcome to attend the service, however, there is a limit to how many people join. See pricing for FRIENDS AND FAMILY.
3Do you only scatter ashes into the ocean?
Current laws state that scattering ashes for a loved one should be a minimum of 3 nautical miles offshore, so no inshore services are currently allowed.
4Does our loved one have to be cremated?
Actually no. TH Charters is well equipped to handle whole-body memorial services at sea. These are done at a minimum of 55 Nautical Miles offshore. TH Charters works very closely with Funeral homes in the north Florida area, and transportation can be easily arranged with them.
5Can we add things to be scattered along without loved one’s ashes?
Yes, you can. Often families will ask for us to spread flowers or floating lanterns on the water, along with the loved one’s ashes. As long as there are no parts made of metal or plastic, we should be fine. A wreath that contains wire fasteners could harm fish and wildlife, so we ask that only organic things be added with the ashes at sea ceremony.
6How are cremated remains sent?
We will coordinate with the crematory or funeral director for transport to St. Augustine. We will have your funeral director and/or crematory connect with our local Funeral Director partner, St. Johns Family Funeral Home, locating in St. Augsutine. They will handle the safe delivery of your loved one's remains for you.
7Can TH Charters plan a service with our funeral director?
Yes. We will coordinate with your crematory or funeral director for details of your wishes, as well as safe transport to St. Augustine. We will have your funeral director and/or crematory connect with our local Funeral Director partner, St. Johns Family Funeral Home, locating in St. Augustine. They will handle the safe delivery of your loved one's remains for you.
8Do you handle special requests and arrangements?
Yes! Please contact us with your specific request! We will work to make sure your service for your loved one contains what you would like. We will do our very best in honoring your specific requests.
9Where can I find More general Information on Scattering Ashes and Burial at Sea?
Below are some helpful general sites to learn more:
Burial at sea and ash scattering is one of the oldest and most honored traditions. Many people believe that life began in the sea. It is the sea in which we came, and eventually, life flows back to the sea. TH Charters offers a fully green, Eco-friendly service that allows the remains to return to the earth naturally.